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Don’t Judge a Book By its Cover

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Don’t judge.

It’s easy to judge; everyone is guilty of doing so even when they don’t realize they’re doing it.

I find myself annoyed and frustrated by little things during the course of a day and in most instances, I tend to blame another person for such petty emotional outbursts. But I’ve learned to become patient with people and more importantly, with myself.

No one is perfect and it makes things harder when you expect people to be without fault. It takes strength, compassion, empathy, discipline and love to look past someone’s imperfections to realize that a human being is always struggling with the concept of being “human”.

Never judge a book by his or her cover. The truth is, all people have their own stories filled with mystery, romance, horror, humor, and a list of other subjects that you can’t enjoy if you only judge them from the appearance of their covers.

When you first meet someone, the first thing you might notice is a hardback novel with a title and picture that gives you a general idea about what they represent; what they believe in; and why they act the way they do. You might have a conversation with them, which is much like skimming through an introduction and the conclusion without really diving into the heart of their story.

As time passes and your relationship with the person builds, you will add them on social networks, start communicating with them through e-mail, text, and the phone, which is like reading the cliff notes from each chapter in their life.

By the time you guys become friends, you have a good idea about the author who’s book you’re reading, but years might pass before you finally finish reading each chapter in their life, word by word, page by page, until you’re informed enough to write a short biography on the person. But this is just the beginning, because every book ends and many are followed by sequels or even prequels that add to that person’s story.

Every person has a book about them and it’s your responsibility to appreciate their story because by sharing in a story about someone else, you become a better author of your own book.

A person’s book doesn’t have to be 1,000 pages to be good; it’s often the shortest books that uncover the most about a persons life. But a story…a story isn’t measured by page numbers. It’s endless and it can be interpreted from any perspective depending on the situation.

A story about love can heal a broken heart; a story about death can give new life to the hopeless; a story about strength can weaken the greatest men to tears; and a story about you can change the world. Write your book today, so your story can change a life tomorrow. 

Don’t Ever Judge A Book Its Cover

Don't Ever Judge A Book Its Cover
Don't Ever Judge A Book Its Cover
Don't Ever Judge A Book Its Cover
Don't Ever Judge A Book Its Cover
Don't Ever Judge A Book Its Cover
Don't Ever Judge A Book Its Cover
Don't Ever Judge A Book Its Cover
Don't Ever Judge A Book Its Cover
Don't Ever Judge A Book Its Cover
Don't Ever Judge A Book Its Cover
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