Positive Vibes

My experience is what I agree to attend to. Only those items which I notice shape my mind.

William James

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    PPA aims to change the way news and entertainment is produced, used and consumed, by looking at content with a positive lens.

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    PPA strives to uphold truth and transparency, with a major focus on social responsibility, specifically in Africa.

Our Services

Content Creation

We help organizations and individuals create positive content that attracts and retains their target audience.

Content Marketing

We take companies through full content marketing cycle, from strategy to creation to promotion to measurement.

Content Management

Stale content hurts your business and turns off potential customers. We help in content updates and maintenance.

Latest Article

Don’t Judge a Book By its...

Don’t judge. It’s easy to judge; everyone is guilty of doing so even when they don’t realize they’re doing it. I find myself annoyed and frustrated by little things during the course of a day and in most instances, I tend to blame another person for such petty emotional

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Entrepreneurship Thinking: Saving Your Dream One...

The idea entered my mind like a lightning bolt cracking a dark gloomy sky; bright, to the point where it was almost blinding, but impossible to discern as good or bad because it lasted in my thoughts for only a

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Marketing in a Digital World

Before beginning graduate classes this semester, I had a warped sense of what the term “marketing” really means. In my undeveloped definition that was formed through a journalistic lens, I looked at marketing as a way PR companies or advertisers

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The Power of Positive Thinking

What’s the first thing you think of when you see the word “health”? Exercise? Eating fruits and vegetables? Staying away from drugs? Those are common answers, but for the most part they relate to your physical well-being. And although looking good is great, it doesn’t always translate

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Positive Vibes

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.

Camille Pissarro